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Send us the Data

Tired of lugging around a 50 page Tax Organizer? We are too. That is why at Maini CPA we have our clients send us data through our 256-bit encrypted secure software, that is accessible via the computer or any mobile device! 

This allows us to work much faster on your return by filling in the information that you already have, and helping you with the data you are missing. 

  • Minimal Work Client Side
  • Easily ask questions on what you are stuck on
  • Upload documents through computer or mobile device


  • An experienced 20+ year CPA looking at your return
  • We use best in the industry Tax Software to compute MAXIMUM deductions

We do the Tax Return

Once you have completed the Tax Organizer, we will input the missing information in your tax return. We use the best of the industry software combined with the eyes of an experienced CPA to give you the maximum deduction. And 

Approve and Pay

We want to be the most transparent with our prices. That is why when we send you a limited view of your final tax return, which includes your estimated refund from the government, we will also give you our estimate. If you approve of our work and our price, then you can pay us. No hidden fees or contractual obligations. Just simple business.  


  • View our work upfront
  • Pay only if you approve of our work
  • No hidden fees. Total Transparency.

Money Can
Be Confusing.

Let Maini CPA Make It Simple!
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How does it work?

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